Vajrayogini Tsok

Date: Listed below
Time: 2pm PST held twice monthly(dates below)
Prerequisite: Must have Vajrayogini empowerment from a qualified Sakyapa Lama
Participants must prepare their own tsok and have their own text.
Venue: Online via zoom

Tsok Dates: 2021 

8th January 2021 (25th)

23rd January 2021 (10th) *tsok on this day will start at 3:30PST, after the Vajrayogini teaching

7th February 2021 (26th)

22nd February 2021 (10th)

8th March 2021 (25th)

23rd March 2021 (10th)

6th April 2021 (25th)

22nd April 2021 (10th)

6th May 2021 (25th)

21st May 2021 (10th)

4th June 2021 (25th)

20th June 2021 (10th)

4th July 2021 (25th)

19th July 2021 (10th)

3rd August 2021 (25th)

17th August 2021 (10th)

1st September 2021 (25th)

16th September 2021 (10th)

1st October 2021 (25th)

15th October 2021 (10th)

31st October 2021 (25th)

14th November 2021 (10th)

29th November 2021 (25th)

13th December 2021 (10th)

29th December 2021 (25th)

12th January 2022 (10th)

27th January 2022 (25th)

11th February 2022 (10th)

26th February 2022 (25th)

12th March 2022 (10th)

27th March 2022 (25th)

Please note for the month where there is no 10th or no 25th, the next day 11th and 26th respectively are used for making tsok offering. This instruction is from Jetsun Kushok.