Preliminary Day

Chom den de pal dor je sem pa la chag tsal lo //

Prostration to the Bhagawan Vajra Heruka

Recite as many times as possible:


Conclude with:

Ge wa di yi nyur du dak / dor je sem pa drub gyur ne / dro wa chik kyang ma lu pa / de yi sa la go’e par shok //

By the merit of this, may I swiftly reach the stage of Vajrasattva and place then upon that stage all beings without exception.

Mandala Offering to request empowerment

OM VAJRA BHUMI AH HUM /  shi yong su da’g pa w’ang ch’en ser gyi sa shi /  OM VAJRA REKHE AH HUM /  ch’i chag rii khor yug g’i kor wei w’Ü su hum /  ri’i gyal po ri rab /  shar lü pag po /  lho dzam b’u ling /  nub b’a lang cho /  j’ang dra mi nyen /  nyi ma /  da wa /  lha dang mi’i pal jor phun sum tsog pa /  ma tsang wa m’e pa / di nyi la ma dang / kyin khor gh’i tso wo tha mi dh’e pa la / ta gön ghi chö nam shu wei yön du wul war gyi o /  thug je dro we’i dön du zhei su sol /  she ne j’in gyi lab tu sol //

OM VAJRA BHUMI AH HUM. The ground is completely pure, a foundation of mighty gold. OM VAJRA REKHE AH HUM. Around, a perimeter of mountains; in the centre, HUM! the king of mountains, Sumeru. To the east, Purva Videha, to the south, Jambudvipa, to the west, Arapagodaniya, to the north, Uttarakuru, the sun and moon, and the splendour of devas and humans in abundance without lack, to the Guru and chief of deity in the mandala who are inseparable, in order to receive the preparatory teachings, I offer. Compassionately accept it for the sake of all. Having accepted it, may you bless us all. Om Guru Buddha Bodhisattva Saparivara Mandala Puja Megha Samudra Spharana Samaye Hung!

Dedication of merit

Sö nam di yi tam je zig pa nyi  /  tob ne nye pe’i dra nam pam je ne  /  kye ga na ch’i ba long trug pa yi  /  sri pe’i tso le dro wa drol war shog

By the merit of this may we attain a state of omniscience and overcome all delusions. May I liberate all living beings from the samsaric ocean’s turbulent waves of birth, sickness, old age and death.

Jam pal pa’ wö ji tar kyen pa dang  /  kun tu zang po de yang de zhing te  /  de dag kun gyi je su da lob jing  /  ge wa di dag tam je rab tu ngo

Just like the courageous Manjushri and, likewise, Samantabhadra have omniscience, I also sincerely dedicate these merits in order to train myself to attain their state.

Du sum sheg pe’i gyal wa tam je kyi  /  ngo wa gang la chog tu ngag pa de  /  dag gi ge we’i tsa wa di kun kyang  /  zang po chö chir rab tu ngo war gyi /

All the Victorious Ones of the three times have highly praised dedication. I too sincerely dedicate all the roots of my virtues in order to perform the noble deeds.

Jang chog kyong we’i kyob pa chog gyur pa / ke drub gya tsö yong su gang we’i ne  /  gang ri’i trö dir ten pa sal dze pa  /  sa kya pa yi ten pa gye gyur jig/

The unsurpassable protectors and rulers of the north, where the ocean of scholars and siddhas reside, are the Sakyapas who illuminate the dharma in the Land of Snows. May the teachings of the Sakya lineage flourish.

Gang jen bö kyi te wa dor je den  /  pal den sa kye’i chö si gye gyur jig  /  trul pe’i dung gyu gyun che me pa dang  /  kun kyang trin le nam ka’ nyam par shog //

The centre of the Land of Snows is the Diamond Seat (Sakya). May the temporal and spiritual ways of the glorious Sakyapas flourish. May the miraculous hereditary lineage be unbroken and may their enlightened activities pervade all space.

Lamas’ Long Life Prayers

Pal den tsa we’i la ma rin po che / dag gi chi wor pe me’i den zhug ne / ka drin chen po’i go ne je zung te / ku sung tug kyi ngö drub tsal du söl //

Most glorious and precious Root Guru, the great jewel seated on a lotus on the crown of my head: out of your great kindness watch over me, and grant the siddhis of body speech and mind.

His Holiness the Dalai Lama’s Long Life Prayer

Gang ri’i ra way kor way shing kham su / phen dang de wa ma lu jung way nay /

chen re zig wang TEN ZIN GYA TSO yi / shap pay si the’i bar du ten gyur chik //

In Tibet, pure land of snow mountains, the source of all benefit and happiness, is Tenzin Gyatso, Bodhisattva of Compassion in person. We supplicate you to stand firm until the end of time!

His Holiness Sakya Kyabgon Gongma Trichen’s Long Life Prayer

Chi me mi shig srung wa’i gur kang ne / chi me tse jin lha mo chen dun ma / chi me tse la wang we’i tsog nam kyi / chi me tse yi ngö drub tsal du söl /

I beseech the seven-eyed Goddess (White Tara) who grants immortal life and the assemblies with power over the length of life who dwell in the immortal invisible protective tent, I beseech them to grant immortal siddhis of life.

Rig sum peme’i tug kye lha lam ne / kyen tse nu tu’i rang zug nyin mor je / sa ten lung tog pe tsal gye dze ne / dul ja ling zhi’i gön du tag ten shog /

The intention of the three Lords (Manjusri, Avalokiteshvara and Vajrapani) and Padmasambhava illuminates their forms of wisdom, compassion, power and the magic power from the sky. You have extended the lotus garden of the precepts, of realisation and the Sakya doctrine and I beseech you steadfastly to remain forever as the Protector of the beings of the four continents.

NGAG WANG gyu trul lha rig kön gyi dung / dro KUN GA‘ dze TEG CHEN do ngag lam / phen de’ PAL du BAR we’i TRIN LE jen / sam pel WANG GI GYAL Pzhab ten söl /

The power of speech, emanating from the divine race, descendant of the Khön, the bringer of happiness to all beings, you whose activity gloriously blazes the path of Mahayana Sutra and Tantra for the benefit and well-being of all, powerful wish-fulfilling king, I beseech you to remain.

Nam dag trim den ser gyi sa zhi la/ tö sam gom pe’i rin chen dul mang tseg/ che tsö tsom dang je ten wang rim gye / kyab chog ri wang lhun por ten zhug söl /

On the golden base of pure moral conduct you pile the jewel powder, bright particles of understanding, thought and meditation. You expand the levels of teaching, debate, composition and instruction: most excellent refuge, may you be as enduring as Mt Sumeru.

Gyal wa nyi pa je tsun gong ma nge / gyal ten jig du nen gyu tse ma zhi / gyal we’i lam zang zab mo lob she nam/ gyal wa ji zhin tön dze zhab ten söl /

You who, like the Conquerors, teach the four authoritative oral lineages, the doctrine of the Conquerors as condensed by the second  Conquerors, the Five Supperior Venerables (the Jetsüns) and the Conquerors’ excellent path and profound (Lamdre) Lobshey, I beseech you steadfastly to remain

Pun tsog gyal sri dun gyi tra shi pal / pal den sa kya’i chö sri pal bar ne / ne chog dzam ling dze pe’i gyen du jön / jön zhin sang sum dor je tar ten shog /

You the prosperity and glory of the seven precious emblems of royalty, you who increase the religious and secular influence of the illustrious Sakya (Tradition); you who have come to be the ornament beautifying Jambudvipa, the most excellent place of pilgrimage, I beseech you with your Three Secrets (of body, speech and mind) to remain unchanging like the Vajra.

Lu me la ma chog sum tug je dang / yi dam ten srung gya tso’i tu tob dang / chö nyi zab mo gyur me den pe’i tu / ji tar söl we’i dö dön drub gyur jig //

By the compassion of the undeceiving Guru and the Triple Gem, by the power and strenght of an ocean of Deities and doctrine Protectors and by the power of the truth of the changeless profound “true nature”, fulfill the wishes of my prayers, I beseech you.

Her Eminence Jetsün Chimey Luding Rinpoche Long Life Prayer

Chi may tsay lha gya tsoy jin lap kyi / o sal lha rig de chen pal ter wa / rig dzin ngak kyi  trin lay rab jam la / wang jor da kyi tso mo tso shay sol /

Through the blessings of an ocean of divinities of longevity and immortality, coming from the celestial race of luminosity you grant the glory of great bliss, wealthy with the vast activity of tantric Vidyādharas chief among dākinīs, we supplicate you to live long! 

Chi may drup pa yong kyi khor loe gyur / ten pe’i nyi ma je tsun sa kya pe’i / rig dang cho’e le trung pe’i ten droe gon / dhon nyi dzed trin tak tu gye par shog /

Protectress of the Dharma and of beings you arose from the lineage and the teachings of revered Sakya, which is the radiant sun of the Enlightened One’s religion. Turn fully the Wheel for attaining deathlessness and ever increase your twofold work: For the Dharma and for beings.

Chi may thar pe’i lam la rab shug ne / rang gyu min ching drol we’i kal sang thop / cho’e nyid den pe’i rang shal ngod sum tog / phen de ta shi mi nup tak ten shok //

Traversing the path of deathless freedom, ripen your mind and acquire the fortune of liberation. May you gaze directly upon the face of Reality and dwell always in joy that does not fail.

Long Life Prayers for All Teachers

Kon chok rin chen sum gyi jin lap dang / kar chok ga way thu dang nu pa yi/

gyal way ten dzin jam yang yab se sok / ku tse ring shing trin le gye gyur chik /

By the blessings of the Three Jewels, by the power of the virtuous ones, Dharma Holder line of Manjushri live long, may your enlightened activities flourish!

La ma ku kham sang la sol wa deb / chok tu ku tse ring la sol wa deb /

trin le thar shing gye la sol wa deb / la ma dral wa me par jin gyi lob /

We pray for our teachers’ perfect health; we pray for our teachers’ ageless lives; we pray that their works will grow and spread. Grant the blessing that we never be separate from them!

Ku sod ri wo shin du ten pa dang / ten dzin nyi da shin du sal wa dang /

nyi dag nam kha ta bur kyap pa yi / ta shi de kyang deng dir de lok shog //

May their merit be firm, like a mountain.  May holders of the teachings shine like the sun and moon. May their fame and glory extend like space. Due to this auspiciousness, may there be happiness and excellence here and now!

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