Let’s help Jetsun Kushok with her teaching

Sakya Tsechen Thubten Ling, Her Eminence Jetsun Kushog Chimey Luding’s Vancouver centre, currently has two wonderful Sakya nuns in residence. Ani Ngawang Tsetso and Ani Ngawang Deden came over from India in December 2017. We are honored and delighted to host these kind and compassionate nuns. They lead Tara pujas and tsogs, perform ritual duties, and engage in joyful interaction with us.

Due to the high cost of their living, medical, and travel expenses, STTL has established a nuns’ sponsorship program. The money will be used to pay these expenses so that they may continue to turn the wheel of Dharma in our midst.

Kurt Schwalbe, a long-time nuns’ sponsor and student of Her Eminence, has written a timely message about this nuns’ sponsorship program that we would like to share.

If you would like to donate to this program, please go to (LINK). Tax receipts will be issued upon request.

Let our blessed fortune light up the world with love and compassion!

Sarva Mangalam,
Sandra Filippelli
Sakya Tsechen Thubten Ling Letter from Kurt Schwalbe:

Let’s remember how precious and rare it has been for us to encounter Jetsun Kushok and her teachings. She is one of the last of the powerful Buddhist masters who were born in Tibet. She studied and taught there before departing during the Exodus of 1959. It is a matter of wonder that year after year she has tirelessly offered teachings and empowerments to students around the world. What stunning good fortune all of us who have encountered her have!

Many of us recite the “Root Guru” prayer as part of our daily practice. In it, we implore our Guru with these words: “…out of your great kindness, please look after us.” Jetsunma has, indeed, been faithfully looking after us for all these years. Now the time has come for us to help her continue her teaching.

Fortunately, there are two wonderful nuns, Venerable Ani Tsetso and Venerable Ani Deden, who will be able to help her daily. But it’s up to us to make this interaction work out and to bear the expense of these nuns’ work. If several of us whom Jetsun Kushok has touched with her blessings will agree to each donate $50 per year, we can fund the expense of Jetsunma’s venerable teaching assistants. This group can cooperate in this funding initiative by each donating this small amount every year.

For that donation of $50, each one of us can sponsor a day of help for Jetsunma during the year. (Some of us may even consider sponsoring more than one day.)  I believe enough of us who have been touched by Jetsunma will step up and fund this.

There is a lovely additional benefit for us. When a sponsor commits to a certain day and that day arrives, the Venerable Jetsun Kushok, Ani Deden, and Ani Tsetso will be notified of the person sponsoring that day. Then the donor’s name will be included in Jetsunma’s and the Anis’ personal practice.

Each donor will receive a thank you acknowledging his or her donation. I have already committed to acting as a sponsor. I ask you to join me and commit whatever you can.

Thank you,
Kurt Schwalbe

Dharma study and meditation centre in Vancouver

The Buddhadharma cannot grow and prosper without centres of learning and retreat. Sakya Tsechen Thubten Ling in Vancouver, British Columbia, is Jetsun Kushok Rinpoche’s home seat. The centre is situated on a generous lot with ample room to build and grow.  The Dharma centre will be a place where students will be able to pursue a traditional education in Buddhist religion, rituals, sacred dance.  It is in need of funds to pursue the construction project.