Group Practice

Both in person in Richmond, BC, and online practice offered. To participate in online programs contact STTL via email at

Please specify which practices you wish to participate in and which Lama you received the required empowerment from. All participants are required to set up their own shrines and provide their own texts. Practices will be lead by our resident teacher Lama Ngawang.

Sunday mornings:

Every Sunday morning 10am PST: Green Tara 4 Mandala puja.

Sunday afternoons*:
1pm PST
1st Sunday of the month White Tara practice
2nd Sunday of the month Vajrayogini practice
3rd Sunday of the month Chime Phagma Nyingtik practice
4th Sunday of the month Vajrapani practice

*If the Sunday happens to be either the 10th or the 25th of the Tibetan Lunar calendar, the Sunday afternoon practice for that day will be cancelled and replaced by Vajrayogini Tsog.

Prerequisite: Participants must have relevant empowerment from a Sakyapa master and have own text
Venue: Online Via zoom and in person at 6240 Redfern Crescent, Richmond, BC, V7C 2V7.

Ritual Performance

Daily: Green Tara puja

Other rituals: done on request basis, may be dedicated to any specific person(s).

These rituals will be performed for the benefit of all beings. Anybody who would like to request for these prayers to be dedicated to their loved ones or those in difficulty are welcome to make offerings for these rituals.

Specific rituals such as Medicine Buddha or Long life ritual may be requested (use donation button below). These rituals will be arranged and performed by our ordained sangha. We suggest a minimum donation of $35 for the specific rituals to help cover the cost of torma and offering materials that are necessary to do the rituals.

Donations are gratefully accepted to help defray the cost of program offerings and the centre’s expenses. Canadian tax receipt available for donations made to the society.

COVID Protocol for in person attendance

Stay at home if feeling unwell.

Masks are optional

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