Welcome to Sakya Tsechen Thubten Ling

Sakya Tsechen Thubten Ling (STTL) is a centre for Buddhist meditation and learning belonging to the Sakya tradition of Tibetan Buddhism. Its activities are guided by His Holiness Sakya Trichen, the spiritual head, and its founder and resident spiritual director, Her Eminence Jetsun Kushok Rinpoche.

The centre holds regular Sunday puja sessions and hosts teaching and other spiritual events conducted by Jetsun Kushok Rinpoche, as well as visiting teachers.

*NEW*   See our special program for 2019.

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Sakya Tsechen Thubten Ling online programs:

To participate in online programs contact STTL via email at  sakyavancouver@gmail.com.
Please specify which practices you wish to participate in and which Lama you received the required empowerment from. All participants are required to set up their own shrines and provide their own texts. Practices will be lead by our resident teacher Lama Ngawang. Zoom links will be sent out the day before the practice.
For all text inquiries please contact Jennifer Harrington at jwhartla@xmission.com

Weekly Practice:
2pm PST
1st Sunday of the month White Tara practice 
2nd Sunday of the month Vajrayogini practice
3rd Sunday of the month Chime Phagma Nyingtik practice 
4th Sunday of the month Vajrapani practice
Prerequisite: Participants must have relevant empowerment and text
Venue: Online Via zoom

Vajrayogini Tsok

Date: Listed below
Time: 2pm PST held twice monthly(dates below)
Prerequisite: Must have Vajrayogini empowerment from a qualified Sakyapa Lama
Participants must prepare their own tsok and have their own text.
Venue: Online via zoom


Tsok Dates: 2020 

14/8/20 25th

28/8/20 10th

12/9/20 25th

26/9/20 10th

12/10/20 25th

26/10/20 10th

10/11/20 25th

24/11/20 10th

10/12/20 25th

24/12/20 10th

8/1/21 25th

23/1/21 10th

Please note for the month where there is no 10th or no 25th, the next day 11th and 26th respectively are used for making tsok offering. This instruction is from Jetsun Kushok.
**The resident lamas perform daily Green Tara and Mahakala puja as is traditionally conducted in all monasteries for the benefit of all beings.



General inquiries may be directed to:

Sakya Tsechen Thubten Ling
9471 Beckwith road,
Richmond, B.C.
V6X 1V8

Phone: (604) 370-1120

Email: sakyavancouver@shaw.ca

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