Goddess of Lute, lapis lazuli coloured, plays lute as music offering.

Goddess of Flute, yellow coloured, plays flute as music offering.

Goddess of Round Drum, brown coloured, beats drum hung at her hips, making melodious sound as offering.

Goddess of Clay Drum, red coloured, beats the top of clay drum hung at her hips, making rhythmic tones as offering.

Goddess of Laughter, red coloured, holding an elephant tusk ornament, smiles and laughs as offering of laughter.

Goddess of Charm, sapphire coloured, (holds vajra and bell at her hips as an) offering of method and wisdom.

Goddess of Song, saffron coloured, plays musical instrument as an offering of melodies.

Goddess of Dance, apple-green in colour, dances as an offering of dance.

Goddess of Flowers, white coloured, carries garlands of flowers as offering of flowers.

Goddess of Incense, smokey-blue coloured, carries incense burner producing clouds of aromatic scent as offering.

Goddess of Lamps, red coloured, carries lit butter lamps as offering.

Goddess of Perfume, blue-green coloured, carries conch shell brimmed with scented water as offering of fragrance.

Goddess of Form, crystal coloured, carries mirror as offering of form.

Goddess of Taste, beet-red coloured, carries delicacies endowed with a hundred flavours as offering.

Goddess of Touch, green coloured, carries multicoloured garments as offering of touch.

Goddess of the Dharmadhātu, white coloured, carries dharmodayā— the bestower of undefiled bliss

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