For sadhana text, we only sell them to students who have received the necessary empowerment. By purchasing the text, you confirm that you have received the appropriate empowerment. STTL may choose to verify this by communicating with you before selling/releasing the text to you. Thank you.

Vancouver Sakya Dharma Centre Prayer book

Vajrapani sadhana with torma offering

Green Tara 4 Mandala puja text

Inside cover of text

Vajrayogini Self Empowerment text will be available late January/early February for delivery. We are taking pre-orders now in order to determine the number of copies that we need to produce. Pre-orders will be accepted up to 5th December, 2020 at $35 per set (postage additional). Orders received after 5th December will be at $40.

Please note: Only students who have received the Vajrayogini Blessing in the Sakya tradition AND completed the Vajrayogini basic 3 month retreat are eligible to perform this practice. Hence we are only making this available to students who qualify to do this practice. You need to provide this information when ordering.

For those who have bought your text at Sakya Kachod Choling previously, you do not need to buy a new text as the difference is minimal. The main difference is the inclusion of a table of content and colophon, and minor updates to the phonetics. We will provide information on how you can obtain the table of content and colophon at a later date.

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Agreement and undertaking for those who did not complete the Vajrayogini 3-month basic retreat but wishes to purchase the self empowerment text, please complete the following form.

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    Local pick up only for Vancouver or Richmond, B.C.