1. For sadhana text, we only sell them to students who have received the necessary empowerment. By purchasing the text, you confirm that you have received the appropriate empowerment. STTL may choose to verify this by communicating with you before selling/releasing the text to you. Thank you.
  2. For local text pick up option, it is only available for pick up at our centre in Richmond, B.C., only
  3. There are certain countries (such as Brazil, Chile) which may incur additional cost charged by the Post Office. STTL will confirm with you the final cost prior to shipping if that happens.
  4. For purchase of two or more text, please write to us at sakya@sakyatsechenthubtenling.org to obtain mailing cost which should be cheaper when the texts are sent together.

Vajrapani sadhana with torma offering

Empowerment details:

Green Tara 4 Mandala puja text

Vajrayogini Self Empowerment Text

Details of Empowerment rec'd

Retreat details

Chimey Phakpa Nyingtik sadhana

Empowerment details:

This text is available for free download

Vajrayogini tsok text

Empowerment received info:

Note: For those who have purchased the Vajrayogini tsok text from STTL previously, you may select the option to replace the text at $18/copy. STTL may verify its records to confirm your previous purchase before mailing the text to you.

Composed by Ngawang Kunga Lekpay Jungney

Out of stock

White Tara sadhana

Empowerment details:

Vajrayogini Teaching According to the Ultimate Secret Yoga in the Naro-Khachod Tradition

Vajrayogini 7-day teaching book

Empowerment details:

Miscellaneous Text Payment

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