Vajrayogini Tsok

Date: Listed below
Time: 7pm PST if it falls on week nights/1pm PST on weekends (Saturday and Sunday) held twice monthly(dates below). If it is on a Sunday, the Sunday regular practice will be cancelled and replaced with Vajrayogini Tsok.
Prerequisite: Must have Vajrayogini empowerment from a qualified Sakyapa Lama
Participants must prepare their own tsok and have their own text.
Venue: In person and online via zoom

Tsok Dates: 2024 ~2025

6th January 2024, Saturday 1:00PM  (25th)

20th  January 2024, Saturday 1:00PM (10th)

5th  February 2024  (25th)

19th  February 2024 (10th)

5th March 2024 (25th)

19th  March 2024 (10th)

4th April 2024 (25th)

18th April 2024 (10th)

3rd May 2024 (25th)

18th May 2024, Saturday 1:00PM (10th)

2nd June 2024, Sunday 1:00PM (26th)

16th June 2024, Sunday 1:00PM (10th)

1st July 202 (25th)

16th July 2024 (10th)

30th July 2024 (25th)

14th August 2024 (10th)

28th August 2024 (25th)

13th September 2024 (10th)

27th September 2024 (25th)

12th October 2024, Saturday 1:00PM (10th)

26th October 2024, Saturday 1:00PM (25th)

11th November 2024 (10th)

25th   November 2024 (25th)

10th December 2024 (10th)

25th December 2024 (25th)

9th January 2025 (10th)

24th  January 2025 (25th)

7th  February 2025  (10th)

22th  February 2025, Saturday 1:00PM (25th)

Per Jetsun Kushok’s advice, where there is no 10th or no 25th, the next day 11th and 26th respectively are used for making tsok offering.